Complete stainless steel specially designed for intensive use, in harsh environments meeting the strictest requirements in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. The scales are equipped with a single point fully stainless steel ZEMIC and SABS approved load cell to achieve optimum reliability & accuracy

Indicator Specifications:

• Display: 52mm LCD display with white LED backlight
• Operate temp: 0 degree C to +40 degree C
• Housing: IP66 304 stainless steel
• Max divisions: 6000 – 15000 divisions
• Power: 220 VAC mains with built-in rechargeable batt.
• Keyboard: 7 key mechanical switch
• Functions include: check weighing, accumulate, etc.
• RS232 output for PC, printer

Platform Specifications:

• M12mm stainless steel leveling feet
• 304 Stainless steel hermetically sealed loadcells
• SUS 304 Stainless steel construction
• IP68 Stainless steel loadcells
• Operating Temperature: -10 – 40C